Reviewing 3 guided mental health journals you need

The best guided mental health journals

Journaling is one of the simplest and cheapest tools for improving mental health and managing mental illnesses, but not all journals are created equal! That’s why I’ve purchased some workbooks from Blessing Manifesting myself, to give you an honest review of the best guided mental health journals.

I’ve always struggled with journaling, because it felt too overwhelming. I wasn’t healing because I wasn’t addressing the right things, or asking the right questions, but then I discovered Blessing Manifesting journals. They have changed my life.

With the layout set, and the prompts already there, my focus is now on self reflection and genuine self healing, instead of trying to figure how to journal effectively. If you can relate to that, read on to find the best guided mental health journals, and why they’re my favourite.

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1. Self Care Planner – Mental Health Edition

Self care planner

This was the first journal I bit the bullet and purchased, and I’m so glad I did. They offer a base self care planner, a mental health edition and a witch edition. I purchased the mental health version.

This guided journal is a serious in depth experience. It’s 177 pages of journal areas, activities and prompts. Even buying this in the middle of the year, I’ve found so much value in it.

It encompasses a reflection on the previous year, goals for this year and action plans to make it happen, with the overlying focus being on encouraging mental wellness. All in an absolutely beautiful package.

I love this journal so much because it really focuses on the why and how. It’s allowed me to address some things holding me back, as well as put some exercises in place, in a format I can keep coming back to and hold myself accountable to.

The best part? It’s an unbelievably cheap price of $7AUD and roughly $5USD for the digital/printable version (at the time of writing). It’s an absolute no brainer if you’re starting your journaling journey.

Buy it here

2. Breathe – An Anxiety Workbook

Anxiety workbook

This guided journal made it into my gift guide for people with anxiety, and for good reason. This workbook, is incredible. Again, huge, at a whopping 137 pages packed with coping mechanisms, exercises and reflections.

I really struggle with anxiety, and this journal has made a very real difference. No single anxiety treatment works for everyone, and the beauty of the lovely people over at Blessing Manifesting, is that they know that. This journal was created by someone who suffers from anxiety themselves, and it shows.

You won’t find a lecture about what you should be doing, or a rigid plan to follow. Instead you’ll find a collection of many different tips tricks and exercises, so that you can pick and choose what works for you, and discard the rest.

This journal is again, super in depth, which I love. It has helped me introspect and identify what causes my anxiety, identify triggers and put coping mechanisms in place for when I need them.

The price? Again super cheap at $14AUD and roughly $10USD for the digital/printable version (at the time of writing). If you also struggle with anxiety, I highly recommend picking this one up.

Buy it here

3. Self Love Workbook

Self love journal

This is the latest addition to my collection. Self love is something I’ve always struggled with, so this guided mental health journal really stood out to me. I’m really glad I picked it up!

Again packed with quality exercises, this journal comes in at 103 pages. Much like the anxiety workbook, this is written by someone who really understands the struggle of self love, and that really shines through.

This beauty of this journal, like the others, is how in depth it is while still being easy to follow. It focuses on self value, and the barriers to self love with insightful exercises and prompts.

This one is a must have for anyone who is ready to start their self love journey.

You can grab it for the same price as the anxiety journal, $14AUD and roughly $10USD for the digital/printable version at the time of writing.

Buy it here

The Best Guided Mental Health Journals Wrap Up

Obviously this isn’t an exhaustive review of every guided mental health journal ever, but I believe in only reviewing and recommending what I have personally used and loved.

Blessing Manifesting caught my eye with their super reasonable prices, and have since captured my heart with their outstanding quality. They have become an essential part of my self care.

Not only are they incredible quality and super insightful, they are created by someone who gets it. Someone who has been there and understands the need for their journals, and that is invaluable.

All of my reviews are based on the digital/printable versions, but they also offer printed versions! Personally, I love the digital version because I have the option of journaling on my iPad, or reprinting specific pages as many times as I like.

Make sure you check out their entire range here, and stay tuned for any reviews I do on future journals I buy from there!

G x

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