New Years reflections

Reflecting on 2020

It’s a New Year, and Facebook is flooded with ‘New Year New Me’. Lofty goals are being shared and resolutions are being made. Everyone wants this to be the year they magically get their crap together.

With the simple ticking over of a clock, we all want to believe that everything will magically be different and that we will be the best version of ourselves over night.

By mid January these posts will quietly be deleted and people will develop amnesia. ‘Did I really swear to start working out 6 days a week? I don’t remember that!’

We’ve all been there.

But after the universe apparently kept taking ‘how much worse can things get’ as a challenge this year, I’m hesitant to tempt fate in any small way at all.

I might sound a bit bitter, maybe that’s just because I’ve never made a New Years resolution that stuck. I now eye the calendar with suspicion and refuse to even pretend to make a resolution. Plans are overrated anyway.

That’s not to say I don’t try and improve myself or make goals, I just do so firmly in the middle of the year, well outside the risk area of doomed plans.

So what will I be doing next year? I’ll keep growing, changing and setting goals, but none will dare be uttered New Year’s Eve.

At the end of this year I won’t be planning resolutions but instead reflecting.

Reflecting on the trials of the past year and what I have learned from them. Growing up means learning to understand the impact we have on the greater world, and this year has been a huge example of that.

What footprint am I leaving? What example am I setting? How can I best be someone who gives more than I take from the world, and live more intentionally?

On a more personal scale, I will be reflecting on what I’ve learned about myself and my journey. Reflecting on the people I surround myself with and why.

Lastly, I will be celebrating. This year has thrown some enormous hurdles at everyone, but we’re still here. We found the strength to keep going and that’s worth celebrating. I’m proud of myself and I’m proud of you.

However you choose to spend New Year’s Eve and the time of resolutions I hope you do it in a way that is meaningful to you.

G x

Reflecting on 2020

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