5 ways journaling can help your mental health

How journaling will help your mental health

Did you know journaling can be a great way of helping you manage your mental health? In this post I’ll give you 5 reasons why you should start now!

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1. Getting your feelings out in a safe place

Sometimes you just need to get stuff out but you don’t want to share it with someone else. This may be because aren’t ready to to talk about it or haven’t processed your feelings yet and that’s ok!

Journaling can help with this by providing a completely safe and judgement free zone to vent to your hearts content. Having how you feel and why written in front of you can be helpful for identifying triggers or processing what you feel without pressure. 

2. Celebrating the good

Mental illness can make it really hard to see the positives.

A journal can help you ground yourself by reminding yourself of the good things happening in your life! Whenever you’re having a bad day you can use your own entries to remind yourself of the positives and help shift your mindset. 

3. Recognising downward spirals

It can be hard to identify a mental health spiral while your in one. How many times have you thought you were travelling well only to crash, or notice something is wrong long after the warning signs started appearing?

A journal is a great way for you to keep tabs on your own mental state. Flick back through previous entries to see how you’re tracking and reach out to someone if you notice a downward trend in mental state!

4. Detail your coping strategies

In your journal you can create a section for coping strategies that have worked for you. This can become a valuable resource you can refer to whenever you need.

Sometimes if you find a trigger it can be really hard to think rationally or remember your coping mechanisms. Having a section dedicated to coping strategies means you can read back your own words and implement them.

If you suffer from anxiety (read about my experience here) or panic attacks this can be a great way of grounding yourself in the moment!

5. you can share how you’re doing with others 

It can be really hard to talk to people when you know you need help, whether they’re professionals or family and friends. A journal can make that easier.

You can either share your journal with trusted people, or even just use it to create a timeline of your moods. This can help you give an accurate overview of any changes or fluctuations in your mental state which is valuable information, without having to say it.  

So how do I get started with journaling?

Any way you like! If you prefer the physical experience of writing in a book, there’s a cute journal to fit every need here on Amazon. Added bonus, you don’t have to leave the house!

A more low key and convenient option is using your phone or tablet! Whether you just use your notes app or find a dedicated journaling app this is a great way to be able to jot something down or reference something quickly and easily. 

If you’re ready to go a bit more in depth, consider a workbook. Recently I purchased both a mental health workbook and an anxiety workbook which have been brilliant for helping me work through some things in a structured way. Check out my full review of those journals here!

Can journaling replace therapy?

No. Journaling is a fantastic tool to keep in your kit for helping manage mental health, but it is not a replacement. If you’re struggling, please reach out to friends and family or engage with a professional. Journaling is a supplement to a larger management routine.

Have you started a journal yet? Give it a try, you might be surprised by how helpful it is! You will find it an awesome document of your journey, future you will thank you when you can look back on it. 

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How journaling can help mental health

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