5 simple ways to channel anxiety into productivity

How to channel anxiety into productivity

If you have ever struggled with Anxiety, you’ll know exactly what I mean when i say ‘anxious energy’. For me, it’s an awful, twitchy, adrenaline soaked feeling that makes it near impossible to get anything done. Releasing that energy in a productive way can be a challenge, so I’ve made a list of 5 simple ways to channel anxiety into productivity!

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1. Exercise

One of the best ways to to use up anxious energy, is to burn it. While my anxiety means I would rather curl up in a ball than exercise in a gym surrounded by strangers, that doesn’t mean I can’t burn some calories!

My favourite way to exercise right now is with Ring Fit Adventure. Cheaper than a gym membership and it means I can exercise when I want, for however long I want, wearing whatever I want. (Hello 2am burst of energy!)

If you don’t have a Switch, simply check out any of the hundreds of videos on YouTube with exercises, or make up your own workout!

2. Grow something

Growing something is a great way to channel anxiety into productivity. I’ve recently become something of a plant lady, and even right now as I procrastinate writing, it feels good seeing my beautiful flowers flourishing!

Aside from just being gorgeous to look at, it’s an incredibly satisfying thing to grow something where there was nothing. Take in the wonder of things growing, and feel the accomplishment of sustaining life.

It’s also a great way to ground yourself with routine when they need tending to each day! If you feel overwhelmed by something needy, pick up some easy to tend plants that will forgive you for a little neglect.

3. Create something

Can you draw, paint, sew? If you can, spend some energy on that! If you’re like me and don’t have a creative bone in your body, consider checking out something like a Diamond Painting.

They’re nearly impossible to mess up, and require focus so they’re a fantastic way to burn anxious energy. Plus, you’ll end up with some beautiful art at the end of it.

4. Spring clean

Spring cleaning is a brilliant way to turn that anxious energy into productivity. Clear out all the things you’re no longer using and get things organised.

Added bonus – not only will you be burning energy, but it will feel damn good when you look around at a sparkling home!

5. Learn something

Start learning a new skill. Lots of courses are offered online now, which is a great way to learn something from home!

If you aren’t able to invest in a course, the internet is a fantastic wealth of knowledge. You don’t have to go to school to learn some nifty new skills!

Channeling anxiety into productivity

While these are 5 great ways to channel anxiety into productivity, it’s ok to burn that anxious energy in a way that isn’t productive.

Anxiety is a fine line of knowing when to fight it, and when to work with it. Learn the difference and don’t beat yourself up for the days when you feel like you’ve accomplished nothing! On days like that, try something simple like a mindfulness exercise, or journaling.

One of my favourite ways to relax and release some tension is to play Animal Crossing. Is it productive? Nope. Is it enriching my life and my future? No. But take some pressure off by remembering that not everything you do has to be productive!

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How to channel anxiety into productivity
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